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Gardening with the Moon Phases

Ever wonder why sometimes your gardening (and other)efforts were successful and sometimes no matter how hard you tried, your garden was kind of pathetic? Nothing you did helped, and all your efforts seemed like a complete failure? Moon phase gardening is a method of gardening that people have been practicing since ancient times.

The Moon has a powerful effect on the tides, effecting the Earth’s vegetation during the different phases. Certain plants grow better when planted during certain Moon phases.

During the lunar cycle, the moon passes through the 12 zodiac constellations. Each astrological sign are also influential on timing for planting certain crops.

The following information is from : (visit the Framer's Almanac for more folklore, facts & information)

Many old timers believe that the following rules help people live a more orderly way of life. Some of these rules pertain to the moon’s place in the zodiac (which can be obtained in the calendar pages in the Farmers’ Almanac), others to the phases of the moon, some a combination of both. If the zodiac sign and phase of the moon are both favorable for doing a certain thing, many people believe that there can be no better guarantee of success.

Remember, the moon passes through a variety of zodiac signs during the period of a month, unlike the sun, which takes longer to move through the zodiac.

We offer for fun or for serious consideration, the following suggestions gathered from various sources:

Various Tasks~To quit a habit, stop when the moon is in the second day of Sagittarius.
~Cut hair and trim beards in Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Pisces. It will grow thicker, stronger, and more beautiful
~The best time for dental work is when the sign is below the waist, during the increase of the Moon. Wounds will heal better.
~Fishing is extra good during Cancer, the breast. Fish will be more plentiful and they’ll be biting better, while fishing will only be fair in the sign of Aries.
~Love and romance flourish in Leo, the heart. Leo is also a good sign to go looking for a job, if you are in need of one.
~Plant pumpkins during the sign of Libra.
~Paint your house during Aries or Leo. The paint will dry faster.
~Prune grapevines just before the full of the Moon in Scorpio, Taurus, or Cancer. Neither birds nor worms will infest the grapes.
~Set eggs for hatching when the Moon is in Cancer. Chickens hatched during the new Moon are stronger and grow more quickly.
~Cut firewood during the light of the Moon so it will burn well and stay bright.
~The best time to wean a calf is when the zodiac sign is getting near the feet (Pisces). The calf will cry less.
~Parts of the body governed by a sign, are supposedly more sensitive when the Moon is in that sign.
~Days of week are supposedly ruled by certain planets: Monday- Moon, Tuesday- Mars, Wednesday- Mercury, Thursday- Jupiter, Friday- Venus, Saturday- Saturn, Sunday- Sun.

Gardening By The Moon


Full Moon:
Dig roots crops during the full Moon. They’ll keep longer. Can fruit and vegetables after full Moon in signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Cut hay between the full and new Moon. It will dry quicker. Plant your below-ground, root crops (beets, carrots, potatoes, or turnips) between the full and new Moon. Dip post holes in the dark of the moon, (between full and new Moon). They will settle tight and firm. Harvest crops between the full and new Moon. They will keep longer and stay in good condition.

New Moon:Good time to plant above-ground crops such as corn, lettuce, beans, and cukes. Best baking days are between the new and full Moon, during the signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.

First Quarter:Best time to plant corn. This moon phase is considered to be the most fruitful. If beauty and fragrance are your goals, plant flowers between the first quarter and the full Moon in Libra. For abundance, plant flowers in Cancer or Pisces. Dig sweet potatoes between first quarter and full Moon in any sign except Cancer and Capricorn.

Last Quarter:Cut timber during this Moon phase. It will dry better and not be worm-eaten. Destroy weeds, kill brush, or trees in barren signs, Gemini, Leo, or Virgo.
The following is information from a Lunar calendar that I have on gardening with the Moon phases(when the moon is in the zodiac signs)

Avoid planting on the day of the New Moon and days when it changes quarters.

Gardening with the Moon signs

Aries - barren & dry, not a favorable time for planting, good for cultivating, weeding, exterminating pests.
Taurus - productive & moist good to plant root crops, flower bulbs & leafy veggies.
Gemini - barren & dry, not a good time for planting but favorable for cultivation, getting rid of unwanted growth & pests.
Cancer - very fruitful & moist, very productive for all planting.
Leo - barren & dry, least productive time to plant, best time for weeding & pest extermination.
Virgo - barren & moist, not good for planting but good for cultivation, weeding & turning soil.
Libra - semi-fruitful & moist, good time for planting flowers, grasses & grains.
Scorpio - very fruitful & moist, productive for above ground crops & flowers, Irrigate & prune.
Sagittarius - barren & dry, plant grasses & grains, exterminate pests, weed & cultivate.
Capricorn - productive & dry, good time to plant root crops
Aquarius - barren & dry, not a good time for planting. Weed, exterminate pests.
Pisces - very fruitful & moist, very productive for all planting, transplanting, grafting,
Mow, irrigate, pick fruit.


A great website for a lunar calendar, has everything you need for gardening by the phases along with a ton of other Moon information. (Be sure to edit your location to get the correct information!)

So before you roll your eyes at me and call me a “lunatic” (yep - pun intended), go check out the Farmer’s Almanac, the lunariuminformatiom, then plant some plants whenever - see for yourself.

Happy Gardening!


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